Another Suisse Day


So had a great day here in St. Gallen area of Switzerland. My friend Jan lives here in an old house from 1900 which the locals know as The Hunters House. Sounds like a creepy book title huh? Jan has the whole third floor with three bedrooms and epic views of Lake Constanz.

We woke up today at the leisurely time of 7am and had a coffee (we have many coffee’s throughout the day) and I made some easy oats to get in some calories for the day. We drove over to a nearby pond/lake and met another local tri head named Marc aka Slim. We did a few quick loops in the pond at easy pace which I did not want to do at all since I’m not training or racing tri’s for a long time. But when in Rome I can swim 20 minutes. The two Swiss boys had their wetsuits and I just had a speedo but the lake was not too chilly. I actually did some ab work on the deck after the swim which I promised myself I would do 3-4 times a week now that I’m taking it easy. So it’s good that I got it done. We went and had another coffee at a cool cafe in town. It was good chatting with the guys and Marc ended up knowing a few of my friends so we had some good stories. Jan and I headed home and had some breakfast (pesto ravioli with egg whites), I worked a bit, had a great video chat with my beautiful daughter, Kaia Blu, while Jan cleaned and then I took a snooze. I love the naps.

We had another meal and another coffee and then headed out for a ride with Marc. I’ve got some great equipment with me here. A Specialized S Works Venge, Mavic Cosmic Carbone whels and some Mavic Helium shoes. The bike is silent and just perfect for the climbs and descents. It wasn’t a hard ride but the route was 80K and had some nice climbs. We went Arbon- Rorschach- St Margarethen- ältstäten – Ruppen Pass – sg and some of the views are just breathtaking and remind me why I love coming here. I can’t explain it but flying down a mountain on a bike and knowing life is good, family is good, work and relationships are good and there’s balance at that moment is hard to explain. It’s all good. Jan dropped out early as he is recovering from a race a few days ago and Marc and I kept on. We had a good little snack and then on the last climb home I got the hunger knocks. Marc gave me some cookies and I had a gel and was back OK but not great.


We got back to Jan’s had some dinner and catching up on work. The other thing that is great here is the silence. It’s so quiet in the country. Just a total antithesis from back home.  Anyway tomorrow is another four hours in the saddle so time to eat again. Thanks for reading and any nice comments are welcome!

Lee Z.

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