ok so another year is down and we are off and kicking for another 365 days.

Erinne, Blu and I have been away for the last 10 days and are currently in the cold, snowy and peaceful mountains in western north carolina. this area is very tought to train in as it is cold (yes real cold) and very mountainous. yet, we have been able to stay fit thru the holiday foods and have worked on just going out for fun workouts with a not so serious edge.

hours and hours running and riding alone in the mountains or whereever help to create strategies and programs for our athletes and ourselves. i find that during these labored jaunts i think of my athletes plans and workouts and how to improve them and ge them to reach their potential. this year we have many new programs and ideas that we know will help us make this our best season yet. we are now into our 11th season coaching and it is still as gratifying and rewarding as the first season. NO, it is actually better, yes way better. the feelings i get when an athletes rocks across that line is just awesome. so if you’re one of our athletes then hang on tight as we will be pushing you in new and old ways this year.

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