2011 Swiss Camp Update

So some folks were asking about the volleyball girls. the end of the post didn’t show up. they were ranked in the top five in the world and over 6’3″ so towered over many of us. they have a world wide circuit going on and a stop in gstasad for a tourney this week so we might go watch tomorrow.
today was sick and the first “real” day of the camp. it started with a 30 minute descent which is fun with tons of switchbacks and perfect weather. i was sent off five minutes ahead as i descend the slowest (lovely). we then rode flat for a bit and then to a mountain which we climbed for over an hour. so beautiful. we made it to the top of the town of Chatelle. quintessential french town. yes we rode to France. as soon as you get to france the roads get bad. i started getting hungry at the top and we still had over an hour to descend to get to Evian on the edge of lake geneva. i was hungry all the way down. everyone passed me and how do you concentrate on bad roads and turns and gravel at high speeds when all you can think about is french fries. UGH it sucked. NO GAS. made it to Evian and met the guys at the park for lunch: coffee, pizza, quiche, choc. croissant and cookies set me up for an hour on the flats at aound 45 KPH yes averaging 30 mph in double pace line. then more climbing and descending before getting home. all in all one of the toughest days ever on the bike. 125K or 4:15. for power geeks out there the average for the whole ride was 220 watts with 30 minutes at 300 watts. well it is what it is. tomorrow is a swim and an easy 2 hours of riding. then the meat of the camp starts. 650K in three days. i see a train ride in my future. thanks for reading and please send me good vibes.

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