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Another terrific triathlon season is coming to an end and for many athletes this means less stress and much less triathlon training. For triathlon coaches it means planning the next year. Over the years I’ve put much thought into why it is that BZ athletes do well and get injured less and I figured it out. Now that I’ve figured it out I have launched the 2012 BodyZen Zxs triathlon training program. See triathlon training is like baking a cake. Many people can bake cakes but a true pastry chef knows how to select the very best ingredients and mix them in such a way that out of the oven you get the best tasting cake. Like the pastry chef the triathlon coach knows how to select the best workouts and time them perfectly to illicit the best response in the athlete. A great training plan is the essence of what the triathlon coach does. The other important piece is delivering the most up to date and proven information so the athlete knows how to recover, fuel and absorb the great training program. Yes,it’s great to meet with the coach and other athletes to train but it’s not needed to do well. Many of the top triathletes never even see their coach but will recieve the key training plan to follow.
So I launched the Zxs program keeping in mind a few things. First, that the training program will be totally customized to each individual athlete taking into account their race schedule, strengths and weakness’ and other pertinent personal information. Second, include a few monthly calls with the athlete to go over the plan and assess how things are going. Lastly, I wanted to make the plan so that anyone anywhere would be able to use the program. Another aim was to make my persoanl triathlon training program affordable. Now there are many other less expensive coaches and triathlon training plans out there just like you can get a cake at any restaurant. You see what I’m getting at.The ingredients are the key. We have the best ingredients!
So I wish you and your family a healthy and fit holiday season. Here’s to the 2012 BodyZen Zxs triathlon training program. http://bodyzen.com/bz-performance/training

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