2013 Swiss Trip-Zurich 5150 and more

Muesli, rice milk and chocolate is what I am eating right now at 11:40 at night. If you have read my blogs in the past then you’ll like this one a lot. It’s special! I’m on my fourth summer Swiss trip and doing it a little different this time. Instead of going to the small village of Leysin I went right to the big city of Zurich to see some friends and race Zurich 5150, an Olympic distance triathlon. I’ve spent two awesome days with Ruedi Wild, a Swiss Olympian and all around great guy, along with his lovely girlfriend Lea. Great people with top notch hospitality. The day I arrived Ruedi cooked me up a steak and made an excellent lunch on his balcony as we looked out over Lake Zurich. At these times I think I’m a very fortunate guy. This morning Ruedi, who is racing the Pro race here, packed our gear in his car and we headed off to the race. We parked a bit away from the course and did one loop of the bike. My race is just under a mile swim, then a 24.8 bike with three loops and each has a 1K climb at 18-20% (nastiness) and then a flat 10K or 6.2 mile run. The hill on the warmup lap didn’t disappoint and I am glad I did it so I knew the turns and grade. We then went to check in and that went pretty smooth. No drama and I did an easy warmup. The cool thing was that the race didn’t start until 10:40. Never had that before. The swim start went by in a flash with 150 of my favorite Euro friends battling it out. I used a Gamin in the swim and after swimming what felt like an Ironman I looked at the distance when I got out and it measured 1700 meters. That is 200 meters too long. I knew it! Off on the bike and I was using a modified Specialized Venge and not the Shiv so that typically slows you down 1-2 MPH. On the bike I knew it was going to be a day of just experiencing the race and not racing it. Whizzing by the wonderful architecture and old city of Zurich was magnificent. I took it all in. The hills were tough but we were treated with speedy descents and I topped off at 65 KPH. Onto the run course and well I jogged it. No racing, no fast feet just an easy jog and no real motivation to go faster. The people in Switzerland are just very nice and easygoing. I’m not too used to that. It felt great to run across the finish line as always and the 5150 staff put on an excellent race and had tons of stuff for the kids to do including huge inflatables. They even had a big tent with non alcoholic beer.Zurich at night I wish my little girl was with me. Ruedi, Lea and I spent night cruising around the old city on bike and it was breathtaking. We had a nice dinner and Ruedi educated me on the historic buildings in town.
I have to come clean. It’s time for a big change. After eighteen years of racing I am taking a break. It is time to hang up the speedo and racing flats. Time to put more energy into fatherhood, a new business venture and more time with the heart rate under 100. Time for an evolution of sorts. Thanks for reading.

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