good day all,

well i am off to portland, oregon tomorrow for the USAT Short Course National Champs. it is a bitter sweet trip for me as back in january i wanted this to be my big race for 07 but with so much travel i bagged the idea. now last week i got a call from USAT office and they wanted me to go to head up a meeting there. i chair a commission that is part of the Board of Directors so now i am going after all and racing. here’s how it works out: if i place in the top 16 in my age division i make the Team USA and get to go to the World Champs in Germany in August.

NOW, i have never raced a Nationals race but i think i might be able to pull this off. we’ll see. i am fit now and have been racing well.

i am hard at work with all the divisions of BZ and our new project, Advanced Performance LLC, a state of the art training and testing center for athletes. More on this later.
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