So many changes happening and I don’t know where to begin. Change is good and the recent and upcoming changes which are both personal and professional will yield more success. I firmly believe this.
After 15 years of specific triathlon training I am going on hiatus. Well, actually, I have been on hiatus for the last month. I reduced my weekly training time in half to accomplish some important goals. First, to help elevate BodyZen and reach our growth goals we have set forth. Recently, my partner Erinne and I ironed out our short and long term goals and to achieve them will require more office time on my part. Second, I am going switch gears and focus on cycling and racing bikes for a while as this is easier to do time wise. I have spent the last four weeks putting in the miles and the proper workouts. My goal is to ride 5-6 days per week and run and swim once per week. Maybe in a year or two I will go back to true tri training but right now I am enjoying less pressure to train. I also am able to spend more time with my little girl and as she is four years old now she is so much fun. She enjoys running around the block with daddy and also is getting her first proper bike this week. She is a very smart, witty and warm young lady who is the highlight of my day.

BodyZen is moving forward with its FOUR main compenents: Coaching, Consulting, Multimedia projects and Management and while there are other changes occuring I beleive the future is bright for us. We have a very qualified and experienced staff to help athletes acheieve all their goals, assist Professional athletes in having successful careers and create result oriented marketing programs for companies and events. I promise more updates soon and as always I wish you well and appreciate your time reading.

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