A bit technical

So the seminars in Clermont went well and the group i was presenting to were very mellow and interested in what i had to say. in the past i have had soem groups that were a bit more raucous so this made for some good presenting.

the race in melbourne went really well even though i did ot have race wheels on and just got the new bike the day before. the ride of the caliente is superb and being more forward by one degree over the kalibur is definitely an advantage. my friends lotte and eddie won overall and it was great as my other friends travis and his wife sara raced as well so we had a bug crew. icame in 10th overall and felt strong the whole way. how bout that, i ain’t complaining!!

our athletes are really getting better and better and working with a power meter (PM) makes it much easier for the coach/athlete relationship. the PM is basically a tool that shows the work being doen at a given time so if the athlete can put up a number you want as a coach it is something they can see as more tangible then acheiving a certain HR. anyway, i like it and the athletes seem to do as well.

today: Double Lavazza Espresso with a splash of Soy Creamer

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