A really good race plan.

I just got this in from a Zenner. One of the best race plans I have read. Enjoy!
Pre-pre-race: watched 2010 Kona on DVR. That finish was amazing. Talk about digging deep. Filed that one away to recall when I’m deep in the hurt locker. Ate a solid meal, relaxed in my CEPs and spent some quality time with the wife. Going to get 8 hours of sleep. Yikes…rain on the window.
Pre-race day: wake up at 7. Eat large bowl of cereal with skim milk and banana. Have to see 3 patients at 8 for post-op visit. Come home and go for 20-mile ride with a few short (30-60s) efforts at race pace. Eat lunch at whole foods, grilled chicken sandwich on ciabata with Basil pesto. Go to expo, try to make it by noon to see matty reed, and definitely by 2 to support the one and only, Lee Zohlman, giving a kick ass pre-race clinic. Making sure to hydrate throughout the day. Parents get in town around 230. Check out the expo and check bike in. Relax the remainder of the day. Eat a good dinner, pasta at La Locanda. Watch 2009 Kona and get to bed early. Probably won’t sleep much.
Race day: wake up at 400. Eat banana x 2 with toast and almond butter. Pack up everything and listen to some chill music to keep me relaxed. Head to transition around 5. Will bring several odwalla bars to eat between 5-7. My wave doesn’t go off until 830, so plan to enjoy the race start. Need to fuel some with solids and liquids. Warm up around 745. Try to get a light run and possibly a swim. Gel about 30 minutes prior to swim start.
Swim: start in front, put in a solid effort in the beginning, and find some other swimmers that may settle into my race pace. Try not to push to hard to stay with a faster group. Try to swim solid but not too hard. Exit swim in 34-36 minutes.
T1: time to hit the bike.
Bike: Rode the course last weekend so I know what to expect. Will take note of the wind prior to start. Likely rain and headwind on way out. Maintain steady effort, and hammer on way back with tailwind. 2:30ish. Will have 3 bottles with Gatorade. 20oz each. Plan to finish most. Gel every 15 miles for total of 3-4.
T2: run time!!
Run: try to hold back the first 3-4 miles. Maintain 6:55 or so. Steady effort on the bridges trying not to let HR skyrocket. Clif chews x 4-5 during run. (1every 2-3 miles or 15 minutes.) Water at aid stations. Last 3-4 miles, try to push it and dig deep. Push into the pain for the last 2 miles. Cross finish line knowing I gave it my best. Sub-5 would be nice!
Rest and refuel. Enjoy the moment.

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