A Sport of a Different Road

Recently, I sat down with a company to speak to them about sponsoring one of our Elite athletes. During the PowerPoint presentation the owner of the company asked me and I am paraphrasing here, “What kind of horse steroids are these guys on?” UGH, I kept my composure and assured him my athletes are genuine, talented and honest. Inside I was fuming and surprised but I’ve been in the game a while now and I shouldn’t have been. Part of me wants to shake my finger at Pro Cycling for this but I can’t. It’s a shame great results from champions whom I have the pleasure of representing have to have this stigma. The beauty of triathlon (barring draft legal of which I also love) is it’s a true test of one’s fitness and speed. If you take a draft on the bike, take an injection or whatever, well then you are cheating yourself and the mirror won’t look back at you. Someday people will find out and that win won’t feel so good afterall. To win pure, to win honest, to win clean whether in life or sport is the greatest acheivement!

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