Age Group Nats and first bad race of 2007

Before i get to the race i will recap what i have done in the last 72 hours. my compatriots decided to drive 3 hours to Eugene, Oregon to see some Pre’s (Steve Prefontaines) monuments and history. we went to Hayward field which is where Pre was racing back in the day and is home to some very memorable events. we also went to the monument where he died, literally the very same rock he crashed into and passed away. anytime you see something like that it is pretty emotional and especially when he was so young, talented and had so much to give. we also went and toured around U of O and the campus is pretty quintessential UNIVERSITY life.

we spent yesterday dealing with race stuff and the new ride was decked out and ready to race and i was feeling very good and confident. i ate really well yestereday and everything went staus quo on the race AM. i had good calories and a big coffee as always. McDonalds actually has great coffee but no soymilk. go figure. then warmup went really well and i felt very springs and primed. the gun goes off and we can’t see any buoys as the sun is reflecting off the lake so bad that i am zig zagging around. this is horrible. i felt really out of place as i see the pack taking off in one way. i could hit the gas hard and feel confident but can’t see where to go. we make the turn and head back to land and i start picking people off and heading home. things are better now until my googles get water in them. this never happens to me and i just usually push the accelerator the whole way. now i have to stop twice and take the water out. i get out of the water in 23:00 which considering the mayhem is not too bad. i transitioned OK and went off on the bike. all is good and i am doing OK but not great. the bike is hilly and beautiful. we are going up and down and my Ergomo is telling me that i am doing fine and holding .95-.96 IF at 255 watts. that is fine and i am feeling good. on the second and last loop my stomach starts cramping. BADDDDDDD. this never happens in an Olympic.
i actually peed on the bike which is something i have never done except in half full IM’s. so my power went down in the last 10 miles and then the run.
i couldn’t run like i wanted to and my legs felt like a race horse in the start gate. they wanted to go but the stomach said NO.
so i went for an easy jog for 10K. no kidding. an easy 9 minute mile jog. wasn’t too bad actually and i thought about this blog and other stuff out there. i must say the view and scenery here in Oregon is great. i really love the NE and the weather was so perfect. so i jogged and cheered people on and finished. no DNF’s. i hate them so i tack this up to an easy aerobic training day.
i will go so hard in 2 weeks at the next race though.
funny thing: i am not upset at all. i am lucky to be here racing and have enjoyed hanging out with friends and goofing around.
tomorrow i head back to E and baby Blu. thanks for readin!!

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