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i thought i could post more but we had poor connections in our condo and there was always tons of work and running around going on. we had a great time and all is all an OK day. i tell you that Lisbeth was on fire and after looking back we know what she needs to do here to be a champion. it all stated with the swim and typically she can swim with michellie but had a tough time with choosing position and sightint. ITEM 1 to work on. the bike rocked. she made up 5:30 and had the 2nd fastest of the day. we are getting her a new bike and a new fit which Lisbeth needs bad. with that she will be first off the bike no doubt. Lisbeths run has been lacking miles but she is ready to put in more miles and the thing that REALLY was tough was that the special needs bags for the run were at miles 18 and not at halfway so she could not get her 2nd camelbak which she needs AS SHE LOSES A KILO OF FLUIDS per 30-40:00. so that was the end after not getting those fluids. she will rock the Long Course World Champs in Oz in 3 weeks and then IM Western Oz 2 weeks after that. watch for her. AJ had a good time here of 8:47 for his first Kona and feels he can do better next year. it will be a tough balance as he goes for his third bid for Beijing in 2008 and for Kona. more later.

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