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It has been two weeks since my last entry and time really does fly. Blogging is somewhat therapeutic and I think of writing more often but then the days get away from me. erinne and the baby are doing great and she is such a great mom. babies are tough sometimes and last night was the worst night we have ever had. Baby Blu just wanted to party and hang out all night and not go to sleep. very rough one.
I am really happy that 2007 has brought me a new outlook and awareness in my life. i have realized that negative people, negative situations and negative thoughts are a real energy drain in the short time i have on this planet. i have decided that if i encounter situations or people liek this that i will just seperate my self from it. as i said the days are flying by and i have hopefully another 50-60 years left on thei iearth so i am wasting no time with those types of influences. this occured to me as i met a group of tri heads for a weekly ride. i was in such a good happy mood and saw a familiar face. i rode up to him and said hello, how are you? i asked if he came rode in from so and so city (can’t release that) and without a smile, good morning he angrily said, “Fuck that place, that place should be nuked. It sucks”– This is 7am and we haven’t even left on the ride. not the way i wanted to start my day. i just politely excused myself and left. i am doing that more and more with people and situations. if i can’t get out of the situation then i am doing my best to turn it around. i figure if i am going to be on this earth i better do my part to make it a better place. so if you are in a badd mood and can’t get out of it, please don’t bring other down. sounds like a public service announcement. But, this is what you get at 6am. By the way, coffee of the day is Starbucks Sumatra- ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh!

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