Belting it out

It seems so simple. Drinking fluids while on a long run makes you run better. Well maybe not everyone but me for sure. It’s been a great year and I’ve been hitting a weekly 10-13 miler down here in Miami and it was going pretty well until the weather turned our pleasant, tropical paradise into a sweat pouring, dense, waterwrold type of environment. I mean there is no difference between being in and out of the water here. But at least I have not seen any flesh eating zombies on my runs. I digress. I’ve expounded before about power output reduction with hydration levels and after a few not so quality runs I needed my fluids. I picked up the Profile Design Sync belt. Looked simple enough and I’ve had almost every type of hydration belt on the market at one time or another. I liked the big bottles, angle of the bottles, easy in and out mechanics and most importantly the foam padding on the Sync belt. Now I won’t have to grease up my waist like a swimmer crossing the English Channel. I used to use the other four or six bottle belts. News for you out there. Just becasue you have four bottles doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Anyway I put water in one of them and a strong, secret electrolyte concoction in the other and set off for the long run of the week. Voila. So much better. One of my personal training philosophies is to make every workout a high quality workout and do what it takes to make it high quality. I need fluids and calories on the long runs so this Sync belt worked perfect. There are a few attachments I might use for gels and stuff. It looked simple enough. Now I just have two more really hot and humid months but as the runs go longer I won’t have to worry about staying hydrated and the quality will be there. I can always spray any flesh eating zombies with my bottles for protection as well. Now on the next run I will try some iced coffee in the Sync bottle. This is it here:

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