Hey Lee:
Just so you know I participated in my second sprint triathlon, the first being in August at the same venue.
Also, I attended both of your talks, 5 weeks ago and this past Saturday.
I remember clearly the first time, I heard you saying, “do as I say, you will profit from my experience”, you also said, no matter how many times you attend this presentations you will learn something new.
You were right on both counts, Saturday you recommended to give it all we had after the turn of the U at the trail. I did what you said, which was something new I learned and nailed the run.
I was pacing myself with this guy from my same age group, I’ll call him the “old guy”, by mid run a younger gent went by, and the old guy decides to stick to him, soon afterwards a Lady passes the three of us, as a consequence the young guy decides to assume the same pace as the woman, and then there were three of us running after the lady, with a stronger pace than if we would have been by ourselves, by the time I realized we had gotten to the bend in the trail, what you had taught us the day before came to my mind and I just did as you said, it worked like a charm. Had a great finish. Shaved 10 minutes from my first event’s total time.
I am having fun with this thing.
Thank you for the great advice and congrats on your great finish.



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