BodyZen Team Transform Update- HUGE IMPROVEMENTS

Here’s the latest log from BodyZen’s Team Transform member Jesse King. Have you been tracking his progress?

From Jesse King, 4/14/2014

These last 3 months have been about the most work I have ever done in my life. Some days have felt like hours, some days have felt like minutes. It has been really comforting to have my schedule laid out in front of me to just go do! Some days have been hard, some easy, but most of them fun. It has been an interesting journey so far. I have been gauging how this has all been going based on my distances, times, splits, and have felt pretty good about the progress that I was seeing.
Along with the added training, I made some small changes to my diet. At the start I weighed in at 188.8 pounds, which I thought I was happy with. But to be competitive, I need to lean out more. Having been pretty stagnant at 190, I was definitely hopeful. I am down now to 177lbs and feel great. Reaching my race weight doesn’t seem unobtainable the way it did at the beginning! My overall health has increased, my blood pressure began at 160/76 and now hovers around 109/66. Along with that, my resting heart rate started at 53 and now is 44. I feel much better with all these changes, and they have really played a part in my overall results!
I had the chance to race in my second Sprint Triathlon and was quite pleased with the results.
On my bike I was able to increase my speed by 2.24 mph, and cut off 11:08 minutes off my time. Also I was able to decrease my run pace by 1.98 and cut my 5k time by 6:07. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with those times, and was even able to take 1st place in my group!! During my last swim test I was able to cut 1:09 off my total time, and I even added 100m to the test, going from 400m to 500m total!
I had faith in the process. I trusted my coach. I listened to what he said. Even more so, he listened to me. He has an answer for every question that I throw out, which is a lot I must add, and it all rolls off his tongue as if its not the first time to hear it! It adds so much confidence to me and following my plan. Remain coachable, and the right coach will guide you to the finish line.
Thank you BodyZen, and thank you Lee!

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