BodyZen’s Top Ten Training Rules


Here’s a no holds barred, non PC but wonderfully honest list of training rules developed by Elite Endurance Sports Coach Lee Zohlman. Follow these tips and you’ll see massive results:

10. Those post workout/race beers and cocktails are adding extra calories and reducing your recovery time

9. You’re running and riding too hard too often. Use a HRM or power meter and stick to your zones. Yes you might actually be running a ten minute mile

8. Eat breakfast before any session longer than 30 minutes.

7. Sorry. If you want to follow a Paleo diet then endurance sports aren’t for you

6. Sorry again, leave the high protein/low carb diets to the homemakers who don’t want to work out

5. Yes, you will get water up your nose but just swim faster. Just turn your arms over as fast as you can every now and then. Use a pull buoy and paddles and grab some water and pull

4. There isn’t a drill, device or fuel to always fix things when you don’t feel good. Toughen up, dig deep and just GO

3. You don’t need to spend $250.00 or more on a bike fit but you do need to get fit. If you’re toes, crotch and hands are in pain then something is wrong. Fix it

2. If you’re looking at MPH when you ride then you’re not training. Control the controllables: cadence, power, HR

1. Find hills to run on. That’s the secret

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