Coach Lee shares some favorite training sessions.




A coaches library of workout sessions are their inventory of success. They are the ingredients to making athletes faster, stronger and above all else will help them reach their goals. This is why coaches in the know keep their sessions very close to the chest and are reluctant to share them with athletes outside their squad. BodyZen’s Elite endurance sports coach Lee Zohlman shares some of his favorite result oriented sessions for Olympic Distance Triathlon dominance.

These workouts are for athletes who routinely can complete 3K swim sessions, 2-3 hour/35-45 mile/60-70K bike sessions and can run 6-7 miles/10-12K.


Swim- BodyZen Pull/Sprint Session:

300-500 warm up with drills and freestyle

12 x 50 kick with paddles and board, fast on last 25

300 easy free-focus on head postion looking down

8 x 200 pull with paddles/buoy at 80-90% effort; :20 ri; focus on consistent pacing with last 3-4 fastest

100 easy free

6 x 25 sprint freestyle on 1:00

200-500 cooldown easy with mixed strok and drills


Bike: BodyZen Over Gear Session:

20-30 minute warmup in big ring at 50-60% of max heartrate

Preset- 4 x :45 @ 80-90% effort; 2 minutes easy rest

3 x 15:00 (first 5 minutes at 60 rpm in approximately 53×12/13 then second 5 minutes at 70-75 rpm’s then last 5 minutes at 90-95 rpm’s) all of these are at 80-85%/Zone 4 effort; 5 minute easy recovery/super low intensity between

30 minutes easy cooldown thinking abut the postivies from the session and where it could have been improved.


BodyZen Threshold Run Session:

10-20 minute warmup at 60% max heartrate

6 x 25 meters skipping

1-2 minutes stretching

4 x 50 meter fast accelerations; 1 minute easy walk between

6-8 x 800 meters at open 10K running pace (work the last 400 of each so it is 2-5 seconds faster than the first 400)– easy 200 meter jog between each 800

10-20 minute cooldown thinking abut the postivies from the session and where it could have been improved.



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