Coach Lee’s Super Speed Swim Sessions


I once heard that even the best swimmers spend 92% of their energy overcoming the drag of the water leaving 8% to actually going fast. Most swim coaches spend tons of time and effort instilling the value of good technique to their swimmers and rightfully so. Technique is crucial. But sometimes you have to just go fast to get faster and work on pushing the upper parts of the throttle. Doing Speed sets in the water will not only help your swim get faster but it will help the crucial times at the start to get out ahead of everyone else.

Do these workouts one to two times per week for six to eight weeks and you’ll be crushing the competition time and time again.


400 mix stroke; 10 x 50 kick fast with board and fins on :30 rest; 2×200 pull moderate effort on :10 rest; repeat the following three times through (4 x 50 sprint on 1:20 then 100 super easy); 300 pull easy; 400-1000 cooldown


300-1000 warmup by doing 100 drill then 100 free; 3 x 300 kick with board and fins going fast one length then easy one length on :30 ri; 3 x 250 pull breathing 50 every stroke then 50 every third stroke on :30 ri; repeat four times through (3 x 100 at 90% effort then 50 super easy with :45 rest); 400-1000 cooldown

Train fast, race faster.

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