Crazy, busy and so much going on…

I was out riding this morning with a great group of guys and girls. The energy was on high and super positive and I ended up getting into some great conversations with a few of the riders. The conversations ended up being about how crazy busy (new term, call Webster) we are. It’s ironic that everyone is so busy with work, family and play time and the gist is we are all ‘working’ so hard to juggle it. So many people in my personal and business little world are all doing the same thing, juggling the pieces. I understand the confusion with many people of working more but the economy is still dragging a bit and now there are talks of a second dip. Uh oh!

After the ride I reflected on some other recent conversations with friends and colleagues and remembered that they too were crazy busy and working hard to keep all the plates spinning. I guess that’s where we’re at now. Last night I coached about 15swimmers in the ocean for an hour and it was an awesome, better than normal session. Everyone loved the workout and they were in great spirits. After the workout it was dusk over the beautiful city of Miami and we were waist deep in the ocean just chatting and it occured to me that these people were almost at the end of a hectic work week and a long day and now they were going home to unwind and decompress. I asked myself, ‘what can I do to make them feel great right now at this very moment and put a huge smile on their face?’ So, I gathered them around in a circle and asked them to go one by one and tell the group about that one moment in their day that was the best. Corny I know but oh well. I asked them to share the greatest thing that happened to them. The comments ranged from spending time with the kids to the doctor in the group saving someone’s life.

I’m not preaching here but it felt good that for that very moment, in that circle, in the coean at dusk, no one was crazy busy and everyone was happy!

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