Day 3

UGH. A toughie to get out of bed. I slept for 9 hours last night and could have gone more. Legs are super stiff today. After a small breakfast AJ, Lisbeth and I headed out for a run and Lisbeth had the baby jogger. IT IS UP AND DOWN HERE!! Very little flats and just plain tough terrain to train in. Plus we’re a t a bit of altitude. UGH again. Pretty poor run this morning but better then nothing. Then we came back to have a proper breakfast and I slept another 2 hours. We had planned to go ride an “easy” loop here just 1:20. OK let me spell it out for you. NOTHING IS EASY HERE OK. The easy days hurt too! We did ride easy but the descending is beautiful, horrific, thrilling and terrifying and I SUCK! Ok i can not go down hill fast. But love every minute of it! I rode to the UCI headquarters which is the main office for the world governing body for the sport of cycling. Pretty cool and the veoldrome was in there so i watched the track riders going round and round at 30 MPH. The caught the train back home. Time fofr some work, dinner and another sleep. Off to France tomorrow! PS. Mnay people here don’t speak English and my gringo Spanish doens’t help!

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