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Thanks to all of you who commented on the past posts. Really great to hear from you guys. To answer the question of why no swimming till January. Basically, I swam so much growing up I only do it our of shear necessity for the sport in the main training months. Lord knows I need that time on my run!!! So I will pick it back up in January, well mid January. Or maybe late! hahahaha

Anyway today I will use this blog to delve into some subject matter that might be a bit controversial but oh well. I play it safe too much anyway.

The subject- How and why people choose a coach.
I believe I can speak with some authority on this (trust me it’s the only thing I can speak on-don’t know much else in life) and to give some back ground I was one of the first batch of 30 or so USAT certified coaches in 98. Since 2000 I have been helping USAT by presenting various subjects to new and aspring coaches. After the Level 3 certification almost 2 years ago I really began thinking about this subject and the various moving parts. MY DEFINITION of a coach is someone who has a certification from USAT or another governing body in the sport that also runs an ethical and smart program. I also believe the coach should have insurance, CPR certification and some type of science background. SO THERE yo uhave my critiria for a coach and they don’t make bad wives either. Going forward with this topic when you I use the word coach I speak of this group. Our business is extrmemly unregulated and ANYONE can call themselves a coach. I mean anyone! from bike shop employees to butchers.

So, I know that if you live in a small city and are looking for a coach you will ask around first, maybe hop on a forum and check them out there or go to the USAT (usatriathlon.org) website to find one in your area. With technology these days it is quite effective to coach over the internet as long as both parties commit to the relationship. I have seen great success with athletes with long distnace coaching but it does really take a lot of time focusing on fostering that relationship. If I had my way I would see my athletes every day and look into there eyes as you can really tell the disposition of the athlete that way and if they are ready to perform that days tasks.

But this is not the case as it is not how I have developed my business, good bad or indifferent.
Now there are many fine coaches. out there. But if I were an aspiring athlete of any level I would….


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