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Florida International University (FIU) has a beautiful campus located right on the Intercoastal waterway in North Miami. The idyllic setting is perfect for all types of multisport events and the university has a great line up of fun, challenging events for the whole family. We had a chance to sit down with FIU’s Events Organized Christina Reddick and find out more about the events

FIU seems to have been blessed with a gorgeous and well manicured campus to hold multisport events.
What led to FIU putting on events, specifically the kid’s events and what’s the goal for your organization? It began with the FIU Triathlon Student Club. When I was given the task of producing the first ever multisport event on campus I went to the students and asked if they were interested in forming a student club and training for the event. The response was overwhelming. What has resulted is the FIU Triathlon Club with 120 student members and about 25 community members. The goal moving forward is to offer events that are student based, our upcoming events have been the result of students getting together and brainstorming on what to do next. The kid’s events have come about with support from USAT, we were awarded funding and in-kind support of the Kid’s events from USAT. Hopefully, we will continue to be funding by USAT in the future. Our previous coach, George Manekas also runs a series of Kid’s Triathlons here at FIU. He has been very generous and provided ad space in his magazine and allowed us to use supplies. Our timing company, Events4Runners is donating their time and sponsored the race t-shirts and medals. Without the local support our events would not be possible!

What are the next events and where can people sign up?
We have a costume run coming up on October 28th. The FIU Running Scared 5K Walk/Run @ 7AM will include a costume contest and scary surprises around each turn. Then we have the FIU Aquathlon, FIU Color Run and Triathlete Garage Sale and Expo all happening on December 1st.

Do you have a need for volunteers and in what areas are the most important? We need volunteers to help work the events and to like us on facebook. Specifically we need volunteers for race check-in, water stations, and the finish line. Also, if anyone is willing to volunteer photography or videography services that would be phenomenal.

Which is your favorite event and why?
So far the 5K run is mny favorite event. The triathlons have been amazing but the students really have been the backbone of the running events from the very beginning. My position here at FIU charges me with the task of challenging and supporting students to reach their full potential, and mentoring and guiding them through the event production process has been quite amazing.

What else would you like athletes to know about FIU’s programs?
The FIU Triathlon Club has some amazing members. Many of them could barely swim when they first joined, now our group has had the experience of competition in a Collegiate Conference race at Escape to Miami. US Road Sports allowed us to set up our college tent and it was an amazing experience. The students, faculty, alum and community members of the group are all at different athletic levels and to have the privilege to be part of such a dynamic, positive group has truly changed my life. If anyone is feeling generous please donate or consider sponsoring our student based club.

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