Funny Race Report from Fernando M.-Owner of Daniale, Inventors of the IceCycle


 So, the race report from Sunday.  As I was a bit tired from Saturday’s big effort and I wasn’t quite as amped given that I was very psyched with Sat.’s result and achieving Cat 4, I decided I’d move around in Sunday’s pack and let the others do the work.  My strategy worked out fine until I realized that the last lap was the last lap.  In other words, as we were passing the officials at the Start line I happened to look over and noticed the 1 to go sign – how I missed the prior signs is a bit of a mystery.  So, after laughing at myself for being a bit spacey on the lap count, I started to move my way up in the group.  When we got to the 1/2 lap to go I started to realize my progress forward wasn’t good enough.  After trying to move up the left side, then the middle, I slowed down to let some guys behind me go forward so that I could swing right, which I did.  Then, having a clear shot forward and realizing I was 1) running out of time to make a move and 2) I wanted to make my move before the last big turn, something inside me just threw down the hammer and I passed about 30 guys, into the wind and took the last turn like Mark Cavendish on rails.  Then realizing there was still a good 500 meters to go, I took a quick look back and realized the group was coming.  Somehow I still had something to give and continued to Hammer as the last thing I wanted was to get caught because I had a feeling a crash was going to happen (as it did last year).  And sure enough, with 200 meters to go I heard that dreaded carbon fiber/bike crashing sound behind me and as I continued to mash the pedals, I passed two guys who had gone off the front before me.  The last 50 meters were a complete blur as I was in the serious red zone and I swear my tongue was out of my mouth and on my stem.  At the end of it all, I finished exhausted and in 11th out of a field of 41…not too bad considering how poorly I had set myself up, but my determination to finish in the top paid off.


Fernando Migliassi

Founder & President

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