Good people

I like good people don’t you? I mean people you meet and you can feel good energy when exchanging conversation. It is really uplifting to speak to good people, hear what they are about and what some of there experiences are. I spoke with a man today all about his kids and as a new father i can appreciate his enthusiasm and excitement when talking about there lives and acheivements. It really makes me wonder what this little bundle of smailes and poop will turn into. I gave a good lecture today to some coaches and I hope they enjoyed it and learned from it. It is a good affirmation to be considered to speak to other tri coaches and I enjoy preparing and planning each presentation. Anyway nothing much else to report. Morning coffee was Wolfgang Puck Edition from the hotel. A 4 on a 10 scale. UGH. But alas a coffee/bike shop is within a walk and the Latte today was nails. It was so gooood. I;m excited to get a new Levazza Espresso machine Monday. Yep that will be 6 coffee/espresso makers in the Z house. Jack it up with the Joe!

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