How and Why People Choose a Coach pt. 3

In addition the Russian Method is a bit excessive without any reason. Depending on who you ask some people will say BodyZen is too conservative and some will say that they work the athletes very hard. Like I said it depends on who you ask. We aim to be SPECIFIC with each athlete according to the following:

  • What load they can handle physically and mentally
  • How much time they have to devote to training
  • What phase of training they are in

Outside Influence

I have been coached by some very good coaches who I have trusted totally. Now, as a coach I believe it speaks volumes when I say that I have had a coach, followed a program and would do so again in the future. I will add to this how much I believe in coaching for an athlete that can be honest with him or herself about what strengths and weakensses they have. Figure it this way, Olympians have coaches so why shouldn’t you. An open mind leaves the door open to endless success. And that is what is required of the athlete, to have an open mind.

Too often this mind is cluttered with outside influence or interference. It is OK to have questions but if yo utrust your coach then let them do the job they you are hiring them for. What I believe here is for the athlete just to give me their body and mind and let me shape it. There are too many couch coaches out there and other so called “coaches” who are cluttering the minds of athletes with inaccurate information that also could be holding the athlete back from reaching their potential.

So to wrap up I believe that when looking for a coach don’t just take the cheapest coach or even the one your closest friends use. Look for the most experienced, most educated and ost knowledgable coach you can to get you to your best. Do your homework as there are many fine coaches out there. Get a plan, get someone that LISTENS to you, listen to them and realize your dream.


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