January 2013

Miami Magazine features Coach Lee and BodyZen

By Rebecca Kleinman | Photography by Michael Pisarri

Lee Zohlman was on the fast track to a hot career in national broadcasting when he discovered his true calling in the most random of ways. “Someone at my running shoe store just offered to train me for a triathlon in the mid-90’s” says Zohlman, a fitness buff who knew his way around a gym. “When I crossed that first finish line all I could think about was, ‘How can I do this for living?’” He did it by founding Bodyzen, a boutique coaching firm for endurance sports. Zohlman’s fiel of expertise is in devising comprehensive...

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Led by gold medal winning TeamGB's Triathlon Coach Ben Bright, Total Tri Camp will be taking place again at the world renowned Playitas Resort on Fuerteventura February 23-March 2nd,2013. Former Olympian and now Team GB Coach Ben Bright, Former Professional Triathlete Nick Saunders and Elite Triathlon Coach Lee Zohlman will be heading up the comprehensive triathlon camp. Bright says, "I'm really excited about the Total Triathlon Camp at the Playitas resort in February. The opportunity to escape the winter and get outside on the bike on some fantastic roads is not to be missed. Open water swimming is also on the menu and we will be making the most of the fantastic Playitas resort and its' facilities during our stay." Coach Lee states, "We believe we have organized the best of everything needed to make the ultimate triathlon camp. We wanted to get the absolute best training resort, location, coaches and Playitas has it all. The Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura, Spain, has hosted the best athletes in the world including Andreas and Michael Raelert as well as Rasmus Henning. We have reserved our own lanes in their competition 50 meter pool. We have limitless miles of challenging rolling hills to ride and run on and a follow support vehicle for the training sessions. Most importantly we have the best minds in the sport giving lectures during the camp so you can learn from the most experienced and knowledgeable coaches anywhere in the world." Playitas Resort also offers massage therapy and a host of other spa facilities to aid in your recovery. Your camp includes buffet breakfast and dinner each day at the resort. All of your training energy bars, gels and drinks will be supplied by the coaching staff. There are only 5 spots left.

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