June 2013


By Coach Lee Zohlman


Yes it's true. The majority of your swim, bike and run training should be hitting the lower aerobic energy system with a splattering of work done a bit below, at and just above threshold. But real gains and top end speed come from doing some really fast efforts and these are the workouts that are the most fun and make us feel alive. The Zenners I get reports back from state that they are really taxed when doing these but feel great after. They also go into there next races with new confidence at being able to close each leg with excellent speed. These two sessions are really ideal for the Sprint and Olympic Distance athlete. I remember sitting in my USAT Level 3 Coaching Class back in 2006 and breaking down the energy systems with the famous, Dr. Max Testa. One of the takeaways from that discussion was allowing a good amount of rest between sets to ensure the paces were hit and the workouts were of high quality.
Before hitting these sessions please make sure to warm up well for twenty to thirty minutes and then get a bit of specific stretching in. Have fun!


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Brings world-class racing to athletes competing in the largest Duathlonseries on the planet, leading to the World Championship in Switzerland.


POWERMAN is the most recognized duathlon series in the world with events in Holland, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Germany and the World Championship in Switzerland. POWERMAN USA Duathlon Series events are official qualifiers for the World Championship, allowing athletes to compete in this exciting, fast-paced racing format.

The worldwide POWERMAN Duathlon Series events are generally a distance equal to or similar in length to a 10k run/60k bike/10k run. In 2013 there were eight sanctioned POWERMAN events which qualified athletes for POWERMAN Zofingen in Switzerland. This race, often compared to an Ironman triathlon due to its grueling nature, attracts hundreds of athletes and thousands of spectators. The race consists of an 8.5k run, 150k bike and 30k run.

Join us this September in Jupiter and experience world-class Duathlon. Leave your swimming goggles behind and challenge yourself against some of the best triathletes in the world including many national and world champions. We promise, no sharks or gators, just hard core, pedal to the metal racing for athletes who want to test their speed and endurance. Spots are limited, so act now to reserve yours.

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