Inspriation and Design

So what do I say when people ask what I do for a living. Mostly I coach with other time spent as an agent and consultant. But coaching is what I like most and do most of. Right now I am writing this in the midst of some pretty bad turbulence 35,000 feet over Texas. I hate turbulence. Anyway I digress. The daily interactions with athletes whether it be via email or even better when looking into their eyes is a different take on the traditional coaching with the tools of a whistle and clipboard. Lately I have been viewing my job as a creator, artist, and designer of some nature. BUMP BUMP. Oh, that was a rough couple of bumps. I often say that the essence of what we do as multi sport coaches is program design. When I prepare to design a training schedule for an athlete I have to be in the right frame of mind. I find the preparation is like a painter’s preparation before putting brush to canvas. I have to be well fed for sure but this no different than anything else I do. I always have to be fed. Next is the music. My noise cancelling headphones go on to keep out extraneous sounds from distracting my concentration, which happens easily. Where was I? Oh yeah, the music. Hahahaha. I typically go with dance or trance music like Paul Oakenfold or The Crystal Method. I pump up the volume to 11 and head into programming mode. I look through race schedules, logs and emails to plan out a two week block for an athlete that will yield the highest QUALITY of fitness. Instead of having paints and brushes as tools of the trade I have workouts, information and strategy to use to yield the best results. Oy vey, I hate turbulence. The normal program design process also has me pulling from research articles and other journals we receive monthly. Once I hit upload then BOOM the athlete can pull up there new training block and get there fix. Being an athlete as well I know the importance of having the structure. It’s a grounding feeling for some and a calming feeling for others to have their schedule laid out for them. This is especially true after they start seeing great results. This is much like the satisfaction or appreciation someone has viewing a painting or sculpture.

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