Interbike Year 4 and other updates


another interbike come and gone and whats hot is hot and if you’re not hot well then you’re cold. it was really a guys trip again as me and some mates made our way to sin city for the latest and greatest in bike tech. this is a great show if you are into cycling and this year like last is all about carbon carbon carbon. now tri companies are hiding brakes under forks and frames for less drag. TT helmets were all the rage and every company has there own stiff this and less flex that. i like that QR is improving the new line with a Lucero Lite, regular lucero and now Titanium lucero. a ti bike is a great ride and i think people are forgetting this. i ride a litespeed ti road bike and it is the bomb. the show went by quick and i really liked the latest in clothing tech and the way companies are fusing materials and creating some very flash apparel. check out as they have some great photos of the line up from the show.

baby blu is great and is saying papa all the time.

the rest of the month is pretty hectic as we go to the Zephyr Sport Champs in Florida this week and then i leave for IM Hawaii next week for 7 days and then back for a few weeks and then the 70.3 champs in clearwater are going to be cool as i’ll be escorting AJ and up and coming tri stud reinaldo colucci around.

there are still 3 more tris this year for me and 2 more for EZ and she is on a tear this week trying to get some speed. we are drinking Jittery Joes this week and it rocks big time!

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