This is about things that intrigue me with regard to people’s motivations, desires and goals within sport. What makes people want to feel pain or discomfort for 8-16 hours? Why do we feel it necessary to put ourselves through these challenges? It does not feel good while we are doing it or even right after. So why go through the pain. I believe for the most part athletes want to be seen as the best or just be seen. I know some athletes that do it for the personal challenge of bettering themselves but I think the vast majority of athletes do it to be part of a group, a click, a team if you will. How come so few athletes give credit to their wives, loved one’s or even coaches when they do well. The significant others suffered as well. They lost sleep when the alarm goes off early so the spouse can go train at an ungodly hour. The coach puts effort, thought, preparation and hopefully a little heart into coaching the athlete but I only hear a few athletes who credit the wisdom that got them gleefully to the finish line, the proverbial end of the path! Intriguing is the athlete that competes not out of wanting to compete for themselves but to stay part of a group even though the specific race is not their desire. Intriguing is just a way saying that I am interested in the way the gears work in the heads of athletes. Intriguing is knowing that we might never know what makes these gears turn in others and in ourselves!

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