Ironman Training by the Numbers

Recently long time Zenner Jason Timmons and I sat down to crunch some numbers. Jason’s first Ironman with me was in 2007 and he had a good race going under 11 hours. Jason trains the way every coach wishes there athletes trained. He is massively organized and dedicated and has a strong head and drive to alwasy hit the goals.
His main goal for 2012 is to qualify for Ironman Hawaii at Ironman Texas in May. He raced there last year going in the low ten hour range and was 18 minutes shy of qualifying. As we planned this year there were a lot more variables to consider from more work committments for Jason and his third baby on the way. The scheduling was KEY and every hour and minute needs to count and be accounted for. With a relatively weak swim the aim of Jason’s training is doing more drills and pull paddle sets. Now Jason has a power meter so we are doing more specifc Ironman bike workouts. Jason is lucky to be a strong runner who is committed to suffering when he needs to so much of his plan has specifc HR and paces set up for each run and there is more quantity on the run focus.
With a look back to 2011 here is what we found when we looked at the training numbers thus far:
We are 92 days into 139 day training plan or 66% of the way through.

Overall-From Jason
– This day last year I had completed 132 workouts, this year 126 (down 5%)
– This day last year I trained a total of 133:06:50, this year 159:17:07 (up 16%)

I think some of this is due to me having more core strength and stretching sessions and as you know I log them all. Now let’s break it down into the different disciplines.

– Last year 18 sessions, this year 24 (up 25%)
– Last year 22.98 miles, this year 31.48 miles (up 27%)
– Last year 11:35:25, this year 17:22:51 (up 33%)
– Last year avg speed 2.0 mph, this year 1.8 mph. Maybe more drills this year???

– Last year 51 rides, this year 47 (down 9%)
– Last year 1,450.53 miles, this year 1,777.14 (up 18%)
– Last year 73:56:40, this year 89:47:57 (up 18%)
– Last year avg speed 19.6, this year 19.8
– Last year AVHR 136, this year 137
– Last year avg cad 89, this year 86 (I think due to all low Belgian and OG work)
– Last year average distance per ride 28.44, this year 37.81 (up 25%)
– Last year avg power 175, this year 185 (up 5%)

– Last year 37 runs, this year 45 (up 18%)
– Last year 282.02 miles, this year 351.10 miles (up 20%)
– Last year 39:19:45, this year 48:28:00 (up 19%)
– Last year average run distance 7.62 miles, this year 7.80
Lat year average run time 1:03:47, this year 1:04:37
– Last year avg speed 7.2 mph, this year 7.2 mph (remember this takes into account all of the standing time when recovering between intervals)
– Last year AVHR 146, this year 148

As Jason moves on in training we’ll be doing more intensity on the bike and run as well as longer Super Days to mimic racing conditions. Keep your fingers crossed and sending postiive thoughts as we travel down the Ironman road.

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