It’s On!!!!

oh yeah. after a nice early AM flight with my buddy Eddie, we are out at Interbike. we are staying at the Alladin hotel which is pretty nice actually and dnot totally smoky. smoke kills me, it just stinks. anyway, i hit the show for the last half of Wednesday and WOW there was some cool stuff. in no particular order:

  • Orca’s no suits ROCK, wait till you see them. colors and function and just plain SPEED
  • Felt’s new all carbon tri bike is real nice with some cool new touches
  • cervelo has some cool new paint jobs on there line up
  • got to say hello and shoot a picture of Dave Zabriskie, he is plain fast and a toothpick. he makes me look morbidly obese
  • FSA has some great looking stuff in aerobars and cranks

more later today as we are on the hunt and all over the show. right now it is 4:14am and i am sitting by the lobby of the hotel. seriously messed up people still out from last night. these cats need some direction. anyway check back later.

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