KONA Pt. 1

So I left yesterday for Kona and the flights were really easy. Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix to Kona. easy and simple flight. the PHX to KOA flight was 80% tri heads and a lot of movers and shakers on the flight. one of the reasons i come out here is to meet and deal with industry folk and on my flight was legendary tri photograper Timothy Carlson. this guys photos rock and in my opinion are the best tri pictures around. see his stuff at insidetri.com. also tri heros Karen Smyers and Jimmy Riccitello were chilling. NOTe to self: if you have a 6 hour flight then be sure not to get very back row where your seats do not recline. UH OH! so i get here and it feels like fricking an hour ago i was here. this is my fourth time here and i have never done the race but will one day. but it feels like yesterday i was here. time flies!!
i took it easy last night and went on a 45:00 easy run. THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE THE FIT FEEL FAT. man, people are is serious shape here and i see fit people every day. i was asleep by 8pm but aowke many times during the night as we are 6 hours back here. at 5am i was out the door to one of my favorite places on Planet Earth. Lave Java (islandlavajava.com) after a bowl of oatmeal and two mugs of the Kona Medium Roast0this stuff is so smooth and like jet fuel.) i went home and got my gear together. i met some friends at the pool to swim and had a good 2200 meter workout. i mounted my Ghisallo and went on a two hour trek on the Queen K highway where the race is. i have a rule not to train very hard the day after a long flight but rather keep it low intensity. well, after 3 minutes in the saddle i found myself on the back of a paceline of 2 guys doing 50 KPH. i sat with them for 40 minutes or so as they cuised and surged and cruised some more. it is so hot out there and there is no shade. we had a tailwind and were really cooking and i was not looking forward to the long solo ride back into the wind but aftere an hour i turned around and rode easy on the downhills and worked the uphills. some UBER female passed me and i got on her wheel and she was cooking man. it was all i could do to stay on her wheel but she helped me cruise home. nice ride all in all. BUT, i would say 80% of the athletes here have TT helmets on. big change from last year. so i am off to meetings and events for the rest of the day and perhaps a sunset surf. aloha Mr. Hand!

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