Since returning from the pristine serenity of Turks and Caicos Sporting Club, life has been the usual hectic schedule. My overall goal for March is not to overload my schedule with committments both professionally and personally. I will delegate more to our staff and coaches and also hold tighter on my personal time.

Another note is that over the last month Erinne has been helping me incorporate more healthy dietary fats into my daily food intake. I have an idea of what perfect monastic eating is and was strictly adherent to it in the mid 90’s. (Weight ran about 148)
The last few months were just a hodgepodge of various food intake without good fats. As my own training load increased I had a series of bonks and poor recovery. Since adding in more healthy fats I have not bonked once and have felt more satiated. I also just have more consistent energy. NOW, as many of you know a day without some Ghiradelli doesn’t happen for me but overall I am not the carbo kid anymore and eat more well balanced meals.

Some fats I have used more of:
-Almond butter, a teaspoon on morning Gluten Free waffles is perfect
-Coconut oil used in pancakes and waffles
-Avocado on sandwiches
-Olive oil on pastas and sweet potatoes ( I used to go just plain)

My daily intake remains firm as it has for many years by eliminating:
-Fried foods
-Heavy cream sauces, cheeses or whole dairy products
I also remain about 90% strict on no wheat or gluten products. This has helped me keep better energy balance and keep weight lower than in years passed. Anyway, just a little update and I hope you can find some gems for your own use in here.

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