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So much is happening and so many great things going on in the BZ world. We are certainly leading a BZ Life here. What is a BZ Life? Glad you asked. Living a BZ Life means you live life to the fullest spending quality time with family, training, racing and above all else spending positive time with friends outside of endurance sports. The only other piece to leading a BZ Life is enjoying great food but in moderation.
So what’s new:
Tommy Barton placed 15th overall at the super competitive USAT Collegiate Nationals race in Alabama last weekend. With over 1000 athletes racing Tommy dug deep to show why he is one of the fastest Age Group athletes in the US. Tommy is personally coached by Coach Lee and will be racing the Age Group World Championships in Beijing in September on his way to getting his Professional license in 2012.

We had three Zenners finishing their first ever triathlon this past weekend. Well they are really Alien Zenners from the Alien/BodyZen Group program. Karla, Nancy, Eliana, Stephen, Frank, Carola were all present for the Egg Hunt tri and it was great to see them putting the pieces together. At the same race Zenner Erik K. finished 9th overall at the Du clocking some sub 7 minute miles. He works really hard and it shows. Read more about the GROUP Training Program here: We’re gearing up to kick off Phase Two to prep all South Florida Triathletes and Duathletes for MiamiMan.

Look for Coach Lee and Triton USAT Level 3 Coach Jennifer Hutchinson at the St. Anthony’s Race Expo, April 30th at 2pm. The coaches will be giving a comprehensive hour long pre race clinic for all level athletes. Mix1 will also be there and athletes can enjoy some FREE Mix1 beverages. Read more at

Coach Lee will also be giving a comprehensive swim webinar for USAT this Thursday. If you didn’t grow up swimming but want to improve than this webinar is just for you. This webinar will cover the fundamentals of triathlon swimming, the proper mechanics of the swim stroke and also KEY drills you can use to learn how to swim freestyle or vastly improve your current swim stroke.

You’ll leave this webinar breathing a sigh of relief that you are not alone in your early stage of swimming and also that you have great tools to not only finish the swim but succeed at the swim.
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