Looking back and forward

This week marks my 12th anniversary of competing in triathlons and it is strange to look back on 12 years of racing. Here I am at 34 years old and almost a third of my life has been in this sport and there is so much to accomplish. I know I have done a lot in the sport racing all over the US, finishing 2 IM’s (yes I said finishing), placing well in my AG and meeting great people. BUT, the hunger is still there and there is so much more I want to do in the sport. I have been saying lately that this is a lifestyle sport and a sport that defines people rather then a sport that is just something people do. You are a triathlete and not a (fill in the blank) who does triathlons. So I look forward to accomplishing much more like racing in Europe and Australia, actaully racing an IM, being a member of Team USA at the World Champs and much more. So 12 years down and many more to go.

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