oh boy that really blew

bottom line is that the athlete should know the course. i didn’t know the whole course obviously and on the second loop of the bike i realized i left off about a mile on the first loop so i had to DQ myslef. to be honest, no one probably might have known but i would have known and i can’t cheat to do well. it was a tough swim with high winds in the 30 knot range creating a turbulent water and with my lack of meters in the water recently i suffered, oh yeah but the suffering was fun and good and after a quick transition i was in the top 12. the bike rocked, i felt real good, that is until i realized i went off course. oh well look at me now, sitting in the Atlanta airport kicking it with CNN and a 10 hour flight to Kona. just great. bad food and a lot of the most unhealthy people i hav ever seen. TREADMILLS EVERYONE, they’re made for a reason. anyone that reads this and mentions the password: blog to me will get 10% off any of 2007 multisport camps. 2007 will rock.

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