Oh man

i will give a million dollars to anyone that can get me better. i think i have a mild flu but man i feel like crap. i am going on my third week of basically no training and am getting a bit crabby. this is all good for the competition i guess. i hope i get better soon. i am off on another plane to day to the California 70.3 race to run support for two very cool AGers i have been coaching for 6 months for this race. they will do great as they are very jacked for the race. i also will be supporting Pro Lisbeth Kristensen who will be going for a podium spot. she is coming off some great training in Thailand and Oz. so look for her to do somehting special. i don’t want to fly feeling like this but i guess i have to suck it up. i’ll miss the girls again but this is a quick hop. more details next week. thanks for reading.

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