Playitas Training Camp

Well after six months of training we are here in Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands. I am about halfway around the world approx. 60 miles off the coast of Morraco and well it is beautiful here. This Playitas resort is nicer and more comprehensive than I imagined. My other coaches Ben Bright and Nick Saunders have been stellar to work with. They are really bright, passionate and hilariously funny to work with. I love picking up gems from top notch coaches and alreayd two days in I have stored a few away. I drove SAG wagon for a while the day before the camp starts to get a feel for the roads and the area. Yesterday was day one with a long hilly bike which I enjoyed with the front pack and then we rested and had an ocean swim which I led along with Ben. In the evening we had an easy 5K trot to shake things out. The meals are better than the training. We all sit together and have huge buffetts for breakfast and dinner. The athletes and coaches are encouraged never to sit in the sam place twice thus to ensure mixing it up with each other. Day two found us with a steady swim session in the 50M pool, a very hard interval bike session, nutrition talk by our on staff nutrionist and then an easy 5K or 6K run. For triathlon or cycling training this Playitas resort has it all and we have 5 more days to go. Check out the Total Tri Camp FB page and the @bodyzen twitter feed more video.

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