Race Report August 2012 Triathlon Trilogy

I’m not one to write too many race reports but here’s one from todays Mack Cycle Trilogy Sprint. It was a quarter mile swim, 10 mile bike and 3.1 mile run on a course I have trained and raced on for the last 16 years so it’s totally home turf. I got on the podium in second overall and this was my third overall podium this season yet I am without an overall win. To say the last eight weeks have been inconsistent would be a massive understatement. Listen, I’m know where I stand..I am an Elite Age Grouper and no Pro but love racing and training and love even more all my cool supporters and their gear. So yeah I take this stuff seriously but also have fun. Back to the lack of great training now. It hasn’t been pretty but I digress. I really wanted this race and the training weekend to go well. I love the training numbers and analyze my paces and SRM files to keep me on track. It just makes sense and I use the numbers everyday so I’ll just talk out loud here. The Saturday warm up day went great and I was a bit over the speed/power on both the bike and run workouts. That’s what happens when I take an actual day off (Friday). I come back in on Saturday chomping at the bit. I did the workouts and nothing more all day. I literally read (Lance Armstrong’s War), ate and slept the rest of the day. I was asleep by 8:45pm for a 4:10 wake up.

I don’t mind early mornings at all and I got a great night sleep and immediately made a double espresso with almond milk. My usual breakie was on too. Gluten free oatmeal pancakes with a turkey sausage link. Yes, you are thinking that is a lot of food but think about it. It’s actually eight different workouts in the day. A warm up Bike/Run then Swim then the race and then a warm down run and bike all totalling 3:15 of movement. Plus, I love my pancakes!

Off to the race and I got my usual spot set up and went off to the bike warm up. The Shiv was so perfect and I love riding that thing fast. It is so sweet and sounds awesome when the hammer is dropped. Mack Cycle takes really good care of me but as much as I love riding it I have to say I was even more looking forward to a nice long and easy cooldown ride on the Venge. The Venge is THE SHIT! It looks fast and it’s hard not to ride fast. The bike warm up went well and I ride or run that road every day so I knew the winds and put in a 3 minute effort at 300 watts to open it up a bit. Not too bad. The run warmup went well and I felt as I should feel. I finshed setting up the transition area and off to the swim start. I was wearing our NEW Tri Shorts by Hawk Racing and they were like a second skin and super light. I downed one last Clif Shot and hit the water. Now I knew from the race list there was one guy I should watch out for. Lopez I call him. He can do it all and raced as a Profesional as the rumors go. The swim felt slow and troubling (that’s what I get for doing a total of 4K per week) and the even worse part is the 2 minute sand run to the bike. Ugh, I thought I did well though and even though completely out of breath I actually didn’t see Lopez and thought I might be in first. Off on the bike and the legs were on fire. The first half I was holding 280-310 and I only wanted to do 270-280. WIth a nice tailwind this was a 44KPH average. I love flying fast over the bridges here in Miami. It’s really beautiful. Then we hit the big bridge which is about half a mile up at 5% grade. Flew down the bridge at 60 KPH, U turn, back up the bridge and had to dial it back but still managed 280 watts for the bike. No sign of Lopez. Hey it’s not Lance but at 68 KG not too bad and actually good enough for fastest bike split of the day. Which I have acheived twice this season.

Off on the run and with temperatures of 90 degrees and 90% huimdity it was a struggle. I saw him, Lopez, he had over a minute on me. DAMN! My mind kept wandering and I had to constantly check it to stay in the moment and visualize the Brownlee brothers-chin down, compact arms, fast feet with good strides. The run will get better before the BIG race of the year in four weeks. But today it was dissapointing. Lopez had three minutes at the finish on me and took first place and I took second. Not too bad but actually one of my slowest times on that course. Humidity does play a role but so does the lack of consistency in training. The best part was kissing my little girl at the finish line while I was curled up in a ball under a table seeking shade. A little race in a little place I call it. The big mack daddy race in four weeks is the Escape to Miami which I want to defend my win from last year.

Perfect timing came after the podium presentation. I was getting the Venge out the truck and Zenner Michael Danish comes riding up. He is prepping for another IM Hawaii and we went out and road and talked shop. Great guy and it felt great to put in another 90 minutes at 150 watts in proper Wiggo style.

Time to get back to work. Thanks Mack Cycle, SRM, Oakley, Hawk Racing, Clif Bar, TPS and Samsung for all the support of this guy just trying to stay on top.

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