Racing again.
Growing up I always had the attention span of a peanut. Like most kids I would start playing with one toy and then quickly turn my attention to another. No patience and always searching for the bigger better thing. As I grew older not much changed. HUH, go figure. I would try out different things, always moving fast, driving fast and not sitting still for much of anything. Tried golf but no way. Turned to sky diving and while very exciting it scared the fricking hell out of me. But, that’s a whole other blog post. Weight training? Ok, I got big and lean but so what. How many jars of peanut butter could I help open for friends with my new found muscles. Went to running and felt ok. Fun, challenging and could stick with it. The triathlon. OK, so I am hooked and still am into it going on my, UGH, 14th season. I could have been a lot better athlete had I not decided to be a coach but again, another blog post.

It is the fact that after all these years I still get giddy when getting ready to race and I am still very into racing. I was just getting my Specialized Transition dialed in to race tomorrow and I am as excited as I was before my first race. It is a small Sprint Tri and they hurt loads but I can’t wait to race it. The pictures to the right are of the bike ready to race. So my attention span of a peanut is still there just channeled differently. I guess somtimes we find things in life that are meant for us. I found triathlons, coffee and pizza.

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