Random thoughts rgarding triathlon training and racing

no editing here and i am shooting from the hip with random thoughts from my run yesterday:
-we seem to lose 1-2 athletes each season at the swim start of IM. going from 60 bpm to 150 isn’t normal. it needs to be trained. if you are doing IM get a full med check up each year and also if you have family history of
heart disease have an ekg. as a father it is so sad when we lose someone in the triathlon ‘family of athletes’.
-the first goal any athlete should have if they want success is– CONSISTENCY. i stress this with my Zenner soldiers every day and as a triathlete, YOUR LIFESTYLE DIRECTLY IMPACTS YOUR TRAINING AND RACING. you say you just peaked for an IM and want to take a month or two off??? don’t do it. keep moving every day. keep your body used to the impact and the load. the chance of injury goes up when you take significant time off.
-the essence of what i do as a coach is: give a great plan for training and give great infomation on how to eat, breathe and live like a successful triathlete
-wear gloves when you ride. just trust me on this one.

I think that is all that i thought about. thanks for reading.

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