Real email from Zenner

Just thought it would be interesting to post a real email from a Zenner and the response back from the coach. It is nothing too serious and similar to what I get in almost every day but interesting none the less. Maybe there is a gem in there somewhere:

Hi Lee,

I put for each miles this morning my AVG cadence and stride. If you want I can put it every time ( I have the polar option on my shoes.

Yesterday it was quiet hard on the bike, I don’t know why I don’t arrive to increase my HR in Z3-4. I have to work hard on bike and during the off season to make ride more than 02 hours.

The another thing is that I feel better the morning for train than the afternoon, it means that my food is unbalance ( I never take snack).

You will find below what I eat last week. My weight yesterday was 83,8 KG.

Triathlon is a dangerous sport: when you begin, you can’t stop.

Have a good day

Hi Gregory.
Yes, it is addictive I know. Been an addict now for 16 years and loved every minute of it.

I will check out your log and your step rate. Ideally on many of those intervals you will want to average 85-95 steps per minute per foot. The less ground contact time your foot has the less energy is wasted and the faster the turnover is. The less time your foot spends on the ground the better. The top runners average 1001-110 steps per minute but we have to work with what is realistic for you. Thus you will be faster. It takes time to develop this so just work on it week in and week out according to the plan.

Thanks for the food log. Some items to eliminate and replace:
-No Bolognese- replace with plain olive oil and spices/parmesan cheese. Reduce the dairy and red meat both of which are in Bolognese
-Pizza- once per week
-Red meat once every 7-10 days
-Reduce the cheese intake and aim for whole grain bread or gluten free bread
-What you are missing are healthy macronutrients like vegetables, salads and soups. These food items will offer you more vitamins and minerals and also are less calories but will fill you up.
Snacks- once again more vitamins through fruits and veggies. You are going a long time between meals and fruits are great to satisfy hunger and keep your metabolism up.

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