Some Retrospective

As the 2008 triathlon season comes to a close I thought of some funny and interesting tidbits from the last 11 years of coaching. These are in no particular order:
-My coaching methods in year 1 and year 2 vs. 2008. They generally follow the same principles: work the aerobic system frequently, always focus on technique, course specific workouts and keep the fun in the workouts.
-Year 2 training I was out training with 4 athletes for their first IM and we were running 3:30 in the pouring rain. I had an idea to make it a memorable run so in the middle we dropped down and pumped out 50 push ups and loved the fun and spontaneity in it!
-Same year the girl in the group did her first Im which was her first triahtlon ever and she placed 2nd female overall.
-I had one athlete racing in Kona one year and he couldn’t find a KEY food anywhere on the island for the 112 mile bike. He called me on my layover as I was going out to watch him race. I went right to the store in Dallas airport and got him the Twizzlers he so badly needed.
-Remembering training a young woman for her first IM for a year. She went and rocked it in 11:20 then the next week got pregnant and has had 3 boys since and never did another IM again.
-Listening to an athelte describe PRing at an OD race and qualifying for the World Champs!
-Watching our athletes peel off 16 800’s at the track
-All the great post race meals and coffee’s with athletes

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