Squeezing the Sponge

This was a gift. This is why I coach. For over five years I have developed this athlete and each season becomes more rewarding. Even more so now that he has become a good friend. Every year we’ve balanced the wife and now three children and a 50 hour work week to fill the sponge and then at the right time squeeze every last drop of hard earned fitness out. Thank you Jason for letting me work with you towards your goals.
From Zenner Jason Timmons:
“I’ve used Lee to train for all four of my Ironman races going back to 2007. I can’t argue with the results as I went 10:50 in my first Ironman Florida 2007 followed by 10:48 at IMCDA in 2009, 10:18 at IMTX in 2011 and 9:57 at IMTX in 2012. For athletes interested in shorter distances I have experienced results just as dramatic. He likes to plan out 1-2 week blocks of workouts which give the athlete the ability to plan their training plan into their life but he assists in making adjustments to suit changes in life. I highly recommend athletes to log post workout comments because he uses these to design and modify workouts and produce the best results. His workouts are detailed and tough but that’s what’s needed for an athlete that wants to get faster. I’m certain that his coaching techniques will eventually help me achieve my goal of qualifying for Kona.”

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