Team Transform Jesse King Update- Wait till you see the changes.

Written by BodyZen Founder Lee Zohlman,
If you remember way back in January a fellow named Jesse King joined our exclusive Team Transform. Our goal was to see how far we could go in improving his overall health and reach some important endurance sports goals including one of the toughest mountain bike races in the world, Leadville 100. One of the prereq’s for being on the team was that there had to be 100% commitment to the program and the advice I give. I was looking for the perfect soldier athlete and they are very hard to come by in this day and age and even more so in our soft, mass appeal, fast food, walk don’t run approach to endurance sports. They don’t come around often but I found one. Jesse the King. A man ready for any challenge I threw at him and never afraid to ask a question or be viewed as not knowing even though Jesse is a trained fitness professional himself.

I put Jesse through mega hours of SBR and Strength training with heaps of drills to retrain his body to fire differently. He became one with his paddles in the pool and with his HRM on the bike. His time management skills were challenged on the easiest of weeks. We completely revamped his bike fit lowering his saddle and improving his comfort drastically. We plotted numbers from the very beginning.
When Jesse started with me January 13th his numbers were as follows:
Wt 188.4
bmi 27
body fat % 19.9
muscle % 39.2
visceral fat 9
caloric need 1841
metabolic age 50

Here is Jesse in January:

jesse jan










We retested all of these numbers periodically as well as conducted some field tests in swimming and running. Everything was improving and he was giving great feedback each week. Jesse’s back started giving him some niggles four months in but we kept in frequent (every 2-3 days) communication and it got all healed up. Then three weeks out from Leadville a BIG problem occurred. A simple fall off the mountain bike caused Jesse to beak a thumb and he had to get a cast. The doctor said no outdoor riding since he couldn’t shift or brake. Ready for this. Jesse the King did his 5-7 hour endurance bike sessions on a trainer. The perfect soldier. I was proud. He made it through Hell Week and went to Leadville never having riding anything close to mountains in his life. A little over 11 hours later he made it and won himself the prized Leadville 100 cowboy belt buckle that only those who know can understand how special it is.

Here are the numbers post Leadville:

August 16, day after Leadville 100
wt 171.2
bmi 24.6
bf% 13.4
msc% 42.7
vfat 7
cal 1739
met age 40
And here’s Jesse post race:
Jesse obviously got much leaner and improved his overall health tremendously. Except for having a slightly crooked thumb.
I am very happy with these results and after almost twenty years coaching I’m not surprised or shocked. This is what he wanted to do. This is what I can do and we did it. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. You get out what you put in and Jesse put out an A+ effort. Is Jesse a professional athlete? No. Is he a single guy with no responsibilities? No. He’s a dad and a husband and now he’s graduated as a perfect Zenner soldier.
LT100 finish


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