The Evolution of BodyZen

Better grab a gel and a coke. This is going to be a long one. It has been 10 years since I started BZ and I thought it appropriate to put some things down about this milestone. I feel very proud as I started BodyZen as a multisport coaching and fitness training company. The name came about on a road trip with a friend as we were trying to decide how to incorporate body and mindinto a single name to represent sport, fitness and health. Thus BodyZen was born. In the first year or two I was coaching a handful of athletes, personal training and teaching 6-8 spinning classes per week. It was a fun time with lots of learning and travelling to races and meeting new people. The business of coaching was not really exisiting like it is today. As a matter of fact a lot of people seemed to resent coaches as they thought why do I need someone to tell me how much to train or how to run. It seemed odd that people were so against learning new things. But I was young, young into the sport and pretty excitable so why would people put trust in me. After year two that seemed to change a bit after I had some great results with 3 of my IM athletes. One qualified for Kona going 10:06 at an IM, another girl did Kona and went 10:38 and another girl did her first ever tri at Great Floridian and took 2nd overall. Not too bad. My business the next year doubled. I was so happy. All I wanted was to be a successful coach with winning athletes and a successful small business owner. At this point I realized that there was more out there in terms of the triathlon business and began putting on camps, clinics and also started hosting the Coca Cola Triathlon TV Show. The show was perfect for me as I got my degree in Broadcasting and also worked as a Host on other TV shows. I still Host the show today and it is a great series. Around this point is when i began coaching Erinne and she began working as BodyZen’s first associate coach. We didn’t fall for each other right away and it took 6-8 months for us to become closer. Well we all know what happened then. It was also around this point that I became aware of “those other people”. I will devote very little time to them but as in any business you always have your negative, jealous and basically mean people. We found out that there were people like that in the tri coaching business and boy what asses they are. Oh well, we are still here and kicking ass and they are still just asses. Point made. We moved on and realized that with Erinne ad I creating great coaching programs, putting on cool camps and always trying new things that we would not be stopped. Thru years 5-7 we had ups and downs but more ups as we took on new coaches, had fantastic athletes and really started diversifying into testing, selling products and conducting thorough bike fits. I really enjoy the fitting aspect and enjoy gettting people fast and comfortable. It is a science but there is also a part that is art and you have to have a love for bikes to do it well. The last couple of years have been the best with our Elite Management division taking off and expanding our camps to other parts of the world. We have great friendships within the triathlon business and even more so with the athletes we coach. Well guess what? We’re a success. our athletes have good results, enjoy what they do and get injured infrequently. We also have great athlete retention and we’re always trying new things. We even have turned a profit on some years. Some years! So we look forward to more great things in the next 10 and thank all of yo uwho have supported us in the past. You rock and keep it up! We will!

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