The Sport Steps Up

In a mere four months or so triathlon will be making its fourth appearance on the worlds most massive sporting stage, the Summer Olympics. Triathlon is still a young and fresh sport but has quickly been rubbed and polished into a successful worldwide enterprise. Sure there are still some rough edges to be worked out, most notably triathlon lacks a successful athlete’s union and some synergy between the various governing bodies. But in the US triathlon boasts over 500% growth in the last decade and now there is even talk of live coverage of the most famous race on the planet, Ironman Hawaii. One of the worlds most iconic sporting figures, Lance Armstrong, calls triathlon home now and for the first time one of the world’s biggest trade shows will have an entire area dedicated to tri. Races continue to sell out and commerce from the sport has seen steady growth. Ad age magazine just ran article entitled, For CEO’s Triathlon is the New Golf.
So where does it go from here? Can the growth continue? Will the athletes constantly feel challenged?

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