Thinking past the holidays to Base/Foundation Period

Improving Body Composition
The Base period is the best time to work on weight loss and improving strength. The reason for this is to lose weight you have to cut calories to a certain degree. If you cut roughly 500 calories a day (which is a healthy amount) then in about a week you’ll lose a pound. The reason we do this in the off or Base period of the season is because it is more difficult to cut calories in Build or Speed periods when you might really need extra calories. Keep in mind that it is in the Build and Speed periods that your training volume will be high and the intensity will be high so you’ll be burning more overall calories. This is not where you want to cut calories. You want to come into these periods in good shape with as little extra body fat as possible. Fifty percent of what you do in the sport comes from NHS (Nutrition, Hydration, and Supplementation)
Your recovery after training sessions is also to be on the forefront of your mind. This is so important folks so listen up. Yes, it is great to go out and have a great session or breakthrough day but recovering from it and having your body benefit from it requires some attention to what you do in the first hour after your session. This will allow you to have consecutive KEY days and not be wrecked for 2 days after one session.
Now I am really talking about significant sessions that are over one and a half hours in length. After the session aim to achieve the following:
• For every pound you lose in a session consume 20-24 ounces of fluid in that first hour
• Within the first twenty minutes after a session aim to take in a recovery shake like Clif Recovery, Ultragen or if you don’t have them, Chocolate Milk or Yoohoo even work
• About an hour after the recovery shake consume 1 gm. of protein per kilo gram of bodyweight and also 4-5 gm’s of carbohydrate per kilo of body weight
• Keep consuming fluids throughout the day after the session
• Consume a meal with 6-8 ounces of lean protein and one serving of complex carbs like brown rice and every 2-2.5 hours post session
• BZMSC Sure Fire Weight Loss Program: eliminate fried foods, butter, cream and alcohol from your diet- notice I didn’t say ‘try’ or ‘do your best’. I said, “ELIMINATE”
Enjoy the holiday seaon and get into 2011 a leaner and fitter athlete.

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